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Find out more about Kāpiti's economy, including the tourism, housing market and consumer data. Source: Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor.

How the Kāpiti Coast District is tracking – June 2021

The Kāpiti Coast economy is showing considerable strength through the lock-downs. Infometrics estimates that economic activity in the area grew 4.6% over the year to June 2021. Growth in Kāpiti outperformed the rest of the Wellington Region as a whole, where GDP growth is estimated at 4.2%, with the district clearly benefitting from increased levels of working from home.

When compared to pre-pandemic times, economic activity in the Kāpiti Coast is still very strong. Activity in the year to June 2021 is sitting 6.1% higher than the same period in 2019, highlighting underlying strength in the economy.

Growth in Kāpiti outperformed the rest of the Wellington Region as a whole


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With the increased ability to work from home easing the commuting load, employment levels for those living in Kāpiti Coast has risen 2.1%. Some of these jobs will lie outside of Kāpiti, but the income earned is still being spent in the local economy. With high levels of employment for those living in Kāpiti, the estimated unemployment rate is notably low, at 3.8%, below the national figure of 4.7%.

The strong employment outcomes are evident in Jobseeker Support recipients in Kāpiti. Despite recipients still being 11.6% higher over the year to June 2021, this increase compares favourably to an increase of 22% in Wellington Region and 28% nationally.

Data from Marketview shows consumer spending in Kāpiti Coast is up 10% over the year to June 2021. This rise compares with growth of 7.7% nationally, showing the relative strength of Kāpiti’s spending. Although some of this gain is again due to lockdown influencing the numbers, consumer spending is still 11% higher than the same period in 2019.

Kāpiti Coast is benefiting from the increased levels of domestic tourism, with visitor spending growing 13% over the year to June. This increase compares to growth of 7.3% in the Wellington Region, and 5.4% nationally.

Consumer spending

Highlights for the Kāpiti Coast District

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