Food to Farm

No matter where you are on your business sustainability journey, separating food scraps from your rubbish has a huge positive impact – both on the environment and your wallet. Sometimes it can be confusing though, and it just isn't practical to compost your business food scraps yourself.

Food scrap collection service | Organic Wealth’s Food to Farm service

With a Food to Farm food scrap collection subscription, everything is taken care of!

Organic Wealth’s service collects food scraps from local businesses and households and takes them to a local farm to be composted and returned to local soils.  

Get your food scraps collected from your door for $5 per 20L bucket per weekly collection (a discount can be provided to businesses with larger weekly volumes). 

Organic Wealth operates across the district from Ōtaki down to Raumati South and are currently taking on more customers.  

Why should I separate my food scraps?

  • The environmental impact

On average, half of the rubbish we produce in Kāpiti is food and garden waste. When food scraps and garden waste end up in landfill they rot, rather than undergoing a composting process. This produces harmful methane gas (a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change), and all the goodness of the food and garden waste is lost in the sealed landfill.

By getting your organics composted you can significantly reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill, minimise landfill methane emissions and improve the health of our soils.

  • The financial impact

Rubbish collection prices will continue to increase as landfill space fills up and government landfill levies increase. Central government are also signalling that they may introduce mandatory businesses food waste separation to accelerate methane emission reduction and to get nutrients back into our soils. 

By signing up to a food scrap collection service you can reduce the size and/or collection frequency of your rubbish bin (frequently collected rubbish bins are expensive!), grow your customers confidence and be well placed for future national policies.  

What is Food to Farm?

Organic Wealth’s Food to Farm service is raising the awareness of the great work of our local farmers who grow food for our communities, and of the need to return some organic goodness back to our local soils. 

The farms are feeding us, but who is feeding our farms?

We are helping to grow healthy food to build healthy communities and divert food waste (a precious resource) from our region’s landfills. 

Sign-up today

To sign-up or enquiry about options please contact Careoline-Charlotte [email protected]

Testimonials from current Food to Farm subscribers 

I think your service is fantastic. It makes it so easy for our organisation to reduce our landfill waste. Before I discovered your service, we struggled to get people to separate food waste from landfill waste and struggled to find a consistent way to get food waste composted. Now we are using your buckets, our landfill waste has reduced by at least half, and we can get food waste composted easily and cleanly. It's a brilliant way for companies to genuinely do something positive about operating more sustainably. Thank you! Sara Hamer, Executive Assistant, Community Connections

We joined Organic Wealth’s Food to Farm service in 2021. As a business it is important to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and this service has not only helped us to become more environmentally sustainable, but it has also reduced our waste disposal volumes. We are now diverting over 3.5 tonnes of waste from the landfill each year.  Michael Newman, Kena Kena 4 Square

Taking up the Organic Wealth composting option has been a genuine relief to me. The garden compost and the worm farm have so many rules and needs. The compost bin takes everything without any thought and then is miraculously emptied while I’m away at work one day a week.  Easy for me, good for the planet, I’m a big fan. Katrina Ross, Business owner and Paraparaumu resident, Mainstream Systems

We started using Organic Wealth earlier in the year with the aim of reducing our waste to landfill. It has been so easy to manage, and we have already noticed a huge difference in the amount of rubbish we’re putting in the wheelie bin. The service is really affordable – what we’ve spent on the food waste collection scheme is probably close to what we’ve saved on rubbish bags!  It’s awesome to know that our food waste is going back into the local soil and contributing to food production rather than contributing to methane emissions in a landfill. Monica and Iain McIsaac, Green Van Solar and Electrical