Conscious Shoppers will become Loyal Customers

More and more consumers opt to shop in alignment with their personal values and beliefs.

This is an article written for RX, by ‘Andrea van der Meer that was published in JulyHow to turn Conscious shoppers into Loyal Customers. It’s an article that fits well with one of the things that we are aiming to achieve with Pakihi Toitū o Kāpiti, which is to make our Kāpiti Coast Businesses their sustainability efforts more visible to customers.

The article is directed to the retail industry and in particular the fashion industry but what it states is absolutely true for all businesses, if you have something to good to say, say it and say it loud!

"Conscious consumers will convert if they have clarity that a retailer’s ethics & sustainability align with their values.”

Therefore, when you are taking steps towards environmental sustainability, and have yet to communicate them to the world as you’ve been too busy or have not known where to start, put some time aside soon. Make your intentions known and visible on your website, in your newsletter or spread the word through your social media account. 

It’s ok to have only just started the process. Your customers will appreciate what you’re trying to do, and they will go from being observers to loyal customers on a journey with you.  

The article continues with tips on what to include in a sustainability plan which is useful to consider when drafting one for your own business. For more ideas about such plans, have a look at some examples on our website.