Reduce and Reuse Packaging

A great way to be more sustainable and reduce waste within your business is when it comes to packaging. However, the packaging landscape is always changing and can be a minefield to navigate the multiple options available to you.

The below resources can be a great place to start, in helping you research the best products that could work for your business.

New Zealand based resources 

Reuse Aotearoa

Reuse Aotearoa is an independent organisation, dedicated to pursuing and advocating for reusable packaging in Aotearoa. Using their research capabilities, they have recently published a report, Reusable Packaging in Aotearoa, which illustrates current reusable packaging systems in New Zealand, while outlining barriers and opportunities for growth. The report starts by defining reusable packaging and provides specific advice for differing sectors. Several recommended actions are made for local and central government as well as industry groups. The Setting the Scene chapters are a great place to start reading. 

A Zero Waste Plan for Welly - Sustainability Trust Wellington ( 

Sustainability Trust Wellington was started by some keen environmentalists talking to people about ways they can reduce their waste. Forming part of Waste Free Welly, the collaborative group is working to progress the vision of zero waste in the Wellington region. Making up this initiative is various programmes from across the region, so is a great place to start for local initiatives.  

Home - The Packaging Forum 

The Packaging Forum is a member-based organisation that represents the packaging industry, delivering practical solutions to steward packaging materials on behalf of their members. The Packaging Forum is one of the organisations behind the Soft Plastic Recycling Programme, which enables New Zealanders to recycle plastic wrappers and bags. On their website, the Forum regularly shares news from the industry on all aspects of packaging. 

Looking to overseas 

sustainable design | Food Packaging Forum 

The Food Packaging Forum allows businesses to make more informed decisions about packaging, sharing the latest science on food contact materials and the environmental impacts of food packaging. Their topic on Sustainable Design features a number of news articles on packaging design related articles from around the world, with all articles showcasing balanced and science-based publications. 

A sustainable future for packaging | Packaging News ( 

Packaging Europe provides multimedia reporting and commentary to generate conversation around smart packaging with the mission of creating a sustainable future for packaging. Explore stories on several topics, ranging from sustainability to smart packaging.  

 These quick links might help you research best practice options to reduce your packaging waste.