What do I need?

A Sustainability Action Plan and/or a Sustainability Policy. At its heart, a sustainability policy is an organisation’s commitment to practices and standards that cover all areas of sustainability.

Sustainability Policy or Plan – Why should my business have one?

A sustainability policy provides a roadmap for your business and will help create a stronger reputation with environmentally conscious consumers. It describes your organisation’s commitment to sustainable development and the strategy, approach or road map to achieving these goals.

Having a sustainability policy can have positive financial impacts.  It may help streamline business processes, which may create less waste and reduce energy use.  A sustainability policy can also increase your standing with stakeholders, and improve your brand recognition, giving your organisation a competitive advantage. 

Local Policy ​Examples

The following are examples of local businesses that have implemented and published a sustainable business policy. Scroll further down for examples of templates that are available online (for free).

Free Tools, Templates, Tips & Guidance

Below are links to both national and international examples and tools to create your own sustainability policy or plan.