Understanding our economy

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to both the New Zealand and global economies. This page provides regularly updated insights and information on the effects on the Kāpiti district.

On Tuesday April 7 at 1.30pm Brad Olsen, Senior Economist at Infometrics presented a webinar focused on the economic effects of COVID-19 for the Kāpiti District. Topics covered were:

  • Global overview
  • NZ situation
  • Local Dynamics

Brad is responsible for interacting with clients and providing key regional economic insights. Brad often writes industry- and region-specific economic analysis articles, focusing on current and emerging trends as well as key topics of interest to clients.

A regular in the media, Brad is often found discussing current events and how these could affect the economy. He also has a hand in guiding and leading economic consulting projects, particularly in the areas of regional economic impact assessments and policy costings.

Latest Kāpiti Economic Insights 

Updated for the week ending 18 October 2020, the latest spend figures show the weekly value in spending to be up considerably on the same week last year - 3.1%.  The Kāpiti Coast District is now tracking only 1% down for the year since 3 February compared to the same period last year. This continues a slow and steady claw back of spend towards parity with last year.

 *Data source - Marketview

Weekly change in spending 18 Oct 2020
Category change in spending 18 oct 2020 v2

Spending change by category

Updated for the week ending 18 October 2020, the latest figures show a continuation of the existing trends in spending. Food, liquor & pharmacy, hospitality &accommodation, and home & recreational retailing continue to be up compared to the same week last year. Consistently clothing, footwear and department store and fuel and automotive remain the most affected categories week on week with spending well down on the same week last year.