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Phoenix Foundation

Māoriland - Estēre

Maoriland Hub, 68 Main St, Ōtaki

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Also known as the Empress of Electric Blue Witch-Hop, Estère's velvety voice has been compared to that of Erykah Badu, entrancing venues across the globe with her singing, sampling and looping live set.

Estère doesn’t play music - she creates sonic amalgamations that merge culture, language and legend. She breathes life into narratives that marry the acutely human to the achingly mythic. Her vocals soar and then swoon, beckoning sultrily and opening gates to new interpretations of age-old tales.

Estère plays “electric blue witch-hop,” as she calls her dimensions of electronic, folk and R&B. The New Zealand Herald called it “a beautiful mix of everything the music world is lauding and lusting after right now.”

"Māoriland Presents" is a series of unique live performances held in the Māoriland Hub, a former department store based in Ōtaki. Designed with fans of Aoteroa’s best musicians in mind, each performance holds two sets exclusive to the one headlining artist. Each show is hosted by Māoriland, the organisation that produces the annual Māoriland Film Festival, who speak with the artist about their inspirations and motivations before each performance and allow a limited capacity audience to submerge into the artists’ work.

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