Kapiti Island

The internationally renowned sanctuary for New Zealand native birds, native forest and New Zealand wildlife and marine reserve.

Kāpiti Island Kaka

The Lodge on Kapiti Island

Waiorua Bay, Kapiti Island

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Kapiti Nature Lodge, run by John and Amo is the only accommodation on Kapiti Island.

The safari tent on Kapiti Island is located near the lodge in a peaceful spot, surrounded by nature. The tent shares bathroom facilities with the other lodge guests a short 40 metre walk from the tent, although each tent does have it's own toilet.

Delicious meals prepared by the lodge's chef are included in the overall package for your stay, as well as all ferry trips, DOC permits, and a fantastic night kiwi-spotting walk with an experienced guide.

The Lodge on Kāpiti Island

Kapiti island Lodge glamping tent
Kapiti island Lodge inside tent
Kapiti Island Lodge cabin with kereru in tree
kapiti island sunrise KINT
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Kapiti Island Nature Reserve

Kapiti Island is a tranquil bird sanctuary and one of New Zealand’s most accessible nature reserves. It's a unique visitor experience in a predator-free paradise. Access is by approved tour operators only. 

Get up close and personal with rare birds such as Kākā, Kōkako, Takahē and Hihi. Wander tracks fringed with dense forest or climb the 521m peak for panoramic views.

Owing to the proximity of Wellington, there are regular tourist trips to the Island, limited to 160 people per day, and it is an especially popular destination for birdwatchers. Having no natural mammalian predators, New Zealand birds are trusting, and a visitor to the Island is likely to be rewarded by seeing a number of different species.

Kāpiti Island Nature Reserve

Kāpiti Island - to summit

7.6km | Suitable for: Walking

Authorised operators provide transport and tours of Kāpiti Island. The island is a popular destination all year round so bookings for the popular summer season need to be made well in advance. Private boats may not land at Kāpiti Island Nature Reserve.

Once you arrive on the Island, the trail to the summit is clearly signposted. You’ll walk to Tuteremoana along a well-formed track with a steady uphill climb, then pass a picnic area and hihi feeding station further along. You’ll encounter Kākā, Kōkako, Takahē and Hihi, meander along scenic trails lined with dense native forest, and take in panoramic views across the Cook Strait and the Wellington region.

Kapiti Island walks

track 2
Kapiti Island takahe
Kapiti Island lookout

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