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Cerid Jones’ career has taken numerous twists and turns since she earned her diploma in art: the Paraparaumu creative has curated exhibitions, run a gallery, and is now nurturing a diverse group in a brand-new artist’s guild on the Kāpiti Coast.

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- Kate Burney

One thing hasn’t changed for Jones - she thrives on discovering interesting art that pushes buttons and boundaries. She believes the Kāpiti Coast is evolving, and will just keep getting better for those who express themselves ‘a little bit differently.’

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“Outsider art can show us a lot about our identity; it can help define who we are and how we respond to where we live,” Jones says. “The guild represents a different part of Kāpiti’s creative world, one that is generally a bit more hidden.”

The group hosts its first exhibition at the Lindale Complex in the Kāpiti Arts Trail. Although some of the guild artists are based at the complex, Jones is turning an old barn into an art space to show off some of the other work. She says the barn represents the group’s ethos: using an interesting space to do something completely different.

Outsider art can show us a lot about our identity; it can help define who we are and how we respond to where we live

Cerid Jones, The Guild Gallery

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“We’ve got street artists, tattooists, graphic designers and muralists. We have a visionary artist who does shamanic stuff which is really interesting.” For many in the guild, this will be the first time their work has been on display.

“We have people who’ve been quietly creating in the background but haven’t had the confidence to pop out and say; ‘hey I’m here!’ This is a brilliant opportunity for them to strut their stuff.”

Jones says that although the guild is about pushing boundaries, it’s not exclusive: “It’s simply about asking what exactly is creativity? The field is huge! ”The Kāpiti Coast is renowned for nurturing its artists, and the guild wants to celebrate and learn from those who came before.

“At the heart of our community are a very clever bunch of artists who laid the foundation for our ‘Creative Coast’,” Jones says. “I’m constantly blown away by their contribution, there are some artists here in Kāpiti who have been working for 60 plus years, they were pushing boundaries we don’t even know about.”

After curating the Kāpiti Arts Trail exhibition Jones is keen to grow the guild by using specific themes to base shows around, saying the most important thing is to provide a space for creative play with no labelling, just doing.

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The guild is about the pure enjoyment of making something - it’s your story to tell, no-one else can do what you do


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