Kapiti Island Activities

Bring your wetsuit and mask, and explore the underwater forest

The Kāpiti Marine Reserve connects Kapiti Island with the Waikanae river estuary – so there is literally another world at Kāpiti to be explored – underwater! The water is certainly refreshing but it’s a snorkeler’s dream just off the beach of Kapiti Island. Perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Hear the haunting call of the kōkako

Sit quietly on the steps of the historic Whare at Rangatira Point and listen for the iconic kōkako. Flourishing breeding and recent new additions to the flock mean you are likely to be rewarded.

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Take the low road and see the birds

The views from Tuteremoana (the summit of Kapiti Island) will take your breath away, once you catch it that is! If being surrounded by rare, native birds appeals more than a big hike, the lowland tracks at both Rangatira Point and the North End are full of feathered whanau, and are suitable for people of all fitness levels.

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