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Kāpiti Coast has an excellent network of cycling, walking and bridleway trails suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Get out and enjoy the scenery with family and friends on some of these local favourites.

Kāpiti Coast Cycle Map 2022

Keen to explore the extensive Kāpiti Coast cycle trails? 

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Kāpiti Coastal Cycle Route

25km | Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

Paekākāriki to Peka Peka

This sign-posted route begins at Ames Street, Paekākāriki and travels north through Queen Elizabeth Park on Te Ara o Whareroa then follows the coast roads north along parts of the Paraparaumu Explorer and Waikanae to Peka Peka Loop.

Stride n Ride

Raumati South to Peka Peka shared path - Expressway

16km | Accessible. Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

Raumati South - Peka Peka

The Raumati South to Peka Peka Shared Path is an easy ride that runs adjacent to the Kāpiti Expressway.

This undulating pathway follows wetlands as it passes by a number of townships along the Kāpiti Coast. There are plenty of opportunities to branch off into neighbourhood streets in Raumati South, Paraparaumu and Waikanae, or divert your route to the Len Southwards Car Museum instead. The trail also connects with the Waikanae River Trail and Te Ara O Whareroa.

The pathway is popular with walkers, bikers and even horse riders, although horses are not recommended on urban sections of the pathway.

Kāpiti Cycle Route - Expressway

Ōtaki River

15km | Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

Ōtaki River to Ōtaki Beach

Follow the banks of the Ōtaki River on this popular walking and mountain biking trail. Walk towards the mountains or walk down to the beach. Horses are also permitted on Ōtaki River trail, with the exception of private land upstream of Chrystalls Lagoon on the northern side of river and Iwi land (Ngāti Huia ki Katihiku) on the southern river bank.

From State Highway 1 to the coast, this trail first passes a working quarry so please take care and follow the signs.

Horse float parking is available on the Eastern side of the Ōtaki River Bridge.

Read more about the Ōtaki River Trail

Chrystalls Bend Walkway

2KM | SUITABLE FOR: WALKING, horse riding, wheelchair/pram

Chrystalls Bend Walkway Ōtaki is a short and easy walk, suitable for all ages, close to both the town and river. The path is flat and gravel for the entire length. It is a tranquil walk with views to the hills of Ōtaki Gorge and the Chrystalls Lagoon, the path circles around the Lagoon and offers multiple benches to sit and enjoy the view.

This walkway passes through a working quarry, so please take care and supervise children closely. The route is open Monday to Friday 5pm to dusk, Saturday noon to dusk.

Horse float parking is available on the Eastern side of the Ōtaki River Bridge.

Read more about the Chrystalls Bend Walkway

Kohekohe Loop Waikanae


Head to Waikanae and take a wander through one of the largest remaining kohekohe forests in New Zealand. Kohekohe Walk is a well-formed path, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, that winds through one of the biggest remaining Kohekohe forests in the country.

The trail starts in Hemi Matenga Memorial Park in Waikanae. It links Tui Crescent to Kakariki Grove. Parking is available on Tui Crescent, near the water reservoir.

Kohekohe Loop

Paekākāriki Escarpment Track

9.1km | 3-4 hours | Suitable for: Walking, TRAIL RUNNING

Paekākāriki - Pukerua Bay

Take in spectacular views of Kapiti Island from high above the Kāpiti Coastline on one of the region’s finest walking experiences.

The Paekākāriki Escarpment Track runs from Paekākāriki to Pukerua Bay, taking in sweeping views of the spectacular Kāpiti Coastline and the region’s famous Kapiti Island.

See the recent review here: Walking the Escarpment Track

For the latest information on the status of the track (including any closures) see:

Full Track Details - Find Your Wild

Wharemauku Stream Paraparaumu

2km | Suitable for: cycling, walking, pram friendly 

Paraparaumu, Raumati Beach

An easy path  for walkers and cyclists that runs between Paraparaumu Town Centre and Raumati Beach, and connects to the Kāpiti Cycle Route - Expressway shared pathway. You can also connect to Paraparaumu Beach via the fork in the track near the end of the airport runway. Public buses connect Paraparaumu to Raumati Beach and Paraparaumu to Paraparaumu Beach, providing options for your return journey.

Parking is available by the library in Rimu Road.

Stride n Ride Map

Queen Elizabeth Park: Te Ara o Whareroa

6km | Accessible. Suitable for: cycling, walking, HORSERIDING

Paekākāriki - Raumati South

Te Ara o Whareroa is an easy 6km trail that traverses the dunelands of the Kāpiti Coast. The trail extends from Queen Elizabeth Park all the way through to Tilley Road in Paekākāriki. It can be joined from various locations along the way, including from Wellington Road, Whareroa Beach and Raumati South. This popular shared route is used by locals for recreational walking and biking.

Queen Elizabeth Park has an array of trails to suit all types of activity. The Inland track, Whareroa Stream Loop and Yankee Trail are shared pathways for walking, cycling and horse riding.

 Read all about the park here:

Te Ara o Whareroa

Kapiti Island - to summit

7.6km | Suitable for: Walking

Authorised operators provide transport and tours of Kapiti Island. The island is a popular destination from spring to autumn, so bookings for the popular summer season need to be made well in advance. Private boats may not land at Kapiti Island Nature Reserve.

Once you arrive on the Island, the trail to the summit is clearly signposted. You’ll walk to Tuteremoana along a well-formed track with a steady uphill climb, then pass a picnic area and hihi feeding station further along. You’ll encounter Kākā, Kōkako, Takahē and Hihi, meander along scenic trails lined with dense native forest, and take in panoramic views across the Cook Strait and the Wellington region.

Kapiti Island walks

Waikanae Beach to Peka Peka Loop

14km | Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

Waikanae Beach via Peka Peka

Park at the beach and follow Kāpiti Coastal Cycle route north to Peka Peka. Join the Kāpiti Cycle Route - Expressway south then follow Te Moana Road and Rauparaha Street back to Waikanae Beach. You can link to the Waikanae River Loop.

Take care on Paetawa and Peka Peka Roads where the footpath ends.

Read more about riding on Peka Peka Beach

Waikanae River Trail Loop

7.5km | Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

A beautiful, mostly shaded walk from Waikanae to Waikanae Beach via the Waikanae River.

Park on the north bank of the Waikanae River at the Tutere Street entrance by Waikanae Beach, take the gentle route along the north bank towards the old SH1. Come back towards the beach on the south bank, crossing the footbridge at Otaihanga Domain.

Look out for diverse bird life and swimming spots.

Horse float parking and mounting blocks are available at the Greenaway Rd entrance, Waikanae.

Read more about the Waikanae River Loop

Whareroa Farm

Suitable for: cycling, walking, horse riding

3.5km north of Paekākāriki. From State Highway 1, take the Mackay's Crossing exit to Queen Elizabeth Park.

Pack a picnic and enjoy a day out at this shared recreation reserve near Paekākāriki. It doubles as a working farm and network of walking, mountain biking and horse riding trails through retired pastureland, native bush, and wetlands.

With eight different trails on offer and links to the adjoining Akatarawa Forest and Queen Elizabeth Park, this is the perfect spot to pack a picnic and enjoy a day out in an area of uninterrupted natural beauty.

The mountain biking trails within the park are continually being developed by the Kāpiti Mountain Bike Club. Keys for horse bridleways are available by prior arrangement with the Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Horse float parking is available at the main farm entrance, Mackays Crossing.

Read more about the Whareroa Farm tracks

Te Horo Bridleways

10-15km | Suitable for: horse riding

North Te Horo - South Te Horo

Extensive beach riding opportunities with mounting blocks provided at the beach end of Peka Peka, Sims and Te Hapua roads. From Te Horo Beach, riders can join the Waikanae to Peka Peka Loop.

Horse float parking and mounting blocks are provided at the beach end.

Read more about the bridleways

Barry Hadfield Nikau Reserve


The Barry Hadfield Nīkau Reserve is a shady bushwalk through a stunning, large stand of nīkau palms. They line the gravelled track like majestic columns, and there is an easy loop track from the car park through them which takes only 5- 10 minutes. If you want amazing views, head up the stepped track to panoramic views of the Kāpiti Coast and Kapiti Island.

The lower loop track through the nīkau is very short, shady and suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

The single track and stairs up to the top are steep, it is suitable for children as it is quite short – but not buggies. The track takes you through 11 acres of remnant nīkau, kohekohe and a good population of ewekuri, the large leaved milk tree (Streblus banksii), a regionally endangered species. You will come across pīwakawaka (fantail), riroriro (grey warbler), and possibly spy tūi, korimako (bellbird) or even kererū. The reserve is across the road from a breeding colony of kawau (little shag) and is an important link in a chain of forest remnants linking the Tararua Ranges to Kapiti Island. There is a picnic table at the top, and seating to admire the views.

Shared pathway information

On shared paths, all users must ‘share with care’


  • Use a bell or call a friendly greeting when approaching other shared pathway users to let them know you are there, such as “passing on your right”.
  • Take special care around horses, especially when approaching from behind. Horses can be spooked when they haven’t heard the bike approach - letting the horse and its rider know you are approaching could help prevent injury
  • Be patient behind walkers or slower riders, and pull over where practical to let faster riders pass


  • Keep to the left on shared pathways, do not walk/run more than two abreast, especially if the path is busy with cyclists or horse riders
  • Be aware of other shared pathway users, and step aside to let faster users pass
  • Keep your dog nearby, ideally on a short leash 

Horse Riders

  • Horse riding is allowed on any of the Kāpiti beaches, but restrictions apply to areas near town centres and popular swimming or boat launching areas in summer
  • Please remove manure from shared paths

Check out Find Your Wild for great information about the many walks throughout Kāpiti!

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