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Artists and Galleries

Hundreds of artists and the many galleries and studios have ensured that Kāpiti has long recognised as one of New Zealand's most creative regions. Use the info below to plan your own visit or join us every November for the annual Kāpiti Arts Trail to see artists at work.

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Toi Tangata

Toi Tangata is a studio/ gallery with waananga, artist workshops, book launches, cd launches and other special events you may wish to utilise their beautiful big space for.

Toi Tanganata

Save the date!

 6/7 and 13/14 November 2021

Established in 2000, the Kāpiti Arts Trail is a vibrant annual event showcasing the diversity of artistic talent within the district. 

Put it in your calendar and make a weekend of it!



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Kāpiti Arts Guide

Below is a list of artists organised by medium so that you can plan your visits. These details are obtained from the Kāpiti Arts Guide which is updated every year for the annual Kāpiti Arts Trail and it is by no means exhaustive. There are many exceptionally talented artists who may not be on this list, just waiting to be discovered. Can't see your favourite artist below? Let us know and we will make sure they are added!

Kāpiti Arts Guide 2020/21 - PDF Download


Rita Schrieken Renown Studio  - Unique sculptural garden pieces and indoor contemporary wall art.
Ben Caldwell BC Arts Space, Micha Gallery - Ben's practice explores the nature and being of objects, nesting in the philosophical enquiry of Object-Oriented Ontology. 
Storm Davenport Ceramic Art - Handbuilt sculpture, both indoor and outdoor sculpture, paintings, wall art, exhibited in gallery, studio, and garden display. 
Donna Clarke, Oamaru stone artist 
- Oamaru stone and bronze sculpture for the home and garden. 
Michelle Retimana Studio Gallery & Garden Art  - Bronze, clay, pounamu, bone; large garden sculptures and decorative inside pieces, wall art, jewellery and more.

Painting and Drawing

Alan Weihipeihana Studio Gallery - Alan's varied work includes paintings, carvings, furniture, up-cycling and mixed media.
Dianna Fary Studio - Working with oils in an expressionist style, Diana mixes colour and texture to create strong atmospheric elements
Emma Hercus, Ivy and Willow - as a figurative painter Emma is often experimental using found objects to paint on and use within her art.
Sushei Hamlin-Sullivan - Sushei’s paintings are robust and vibrant, forcibly connecting us with the shocking beauty of our natural environment.

Luke Kelly - Mixed-media artist creating wall-hung and freestanding sculptures and prints exploring themes across our common cultural history and future in New Zealand. 
Marcus Ebbett - working with a wide range of materials on many subjects, including strong landscape and nautical themes. 
Vanessa Owens - Original acrylic paintings of native birds, including kingfisher, tui, kiwi, kererū, kea. Print blocks, art cards, limited edition prints, watercolour artworks also available. 
Jan and Marian Weststrate, Cloggy Art - create different, quirky artwork and mixed media painting, from materials such as upcycled pallets, jigsaw pieces, and hearing aids.
Roger Daniell - a wide variety of subjects, from the conventional to the challenging, in various media.
Tania Dally - The Boat Shed Studio. Multimedia artist who enjoys creating large abstract landscapes using a variety of materials including paint, ash, sand, and charcoal.

Jaki Marston - Acrylic and mixed media paintings that are semi-abstract, driftwood and polymer clay sculptures and jewellery.
Ken Hunt - is primarily a portrait artist but is also known for his extraordinary copies of Goldie's works and his original Still Life paintings inspired by the old masters. 
Matt Comeskey - is a newly established Kāpiti Coast artist, specialising in painting seascapes and landscapes.
Micheline Robinson - Contemporary artist creating sculptural glass-like worlds on 2D surfaces.
Sarah Pou - has a unique range of work from illustration and high detail portraiture to abstract paintings and wall art.
Tracey Devlin-BaileyTracey is a Kāpiti Coast artist who has exhibited in the Kāpiti and Wellington region. She is inspired by the surrounding rivers and sea and the garden. 
Debbie Graham, Bella Vista Studio - Debbie is predominantly a self-taught artist – living on the Kāpiti Coast since 2006, she relies mostly on her observation and instinct when creating. 
Lisa Call - Lisa's contemporary textile paintings explore pattern, structure, memory and adventure. 
Elisabeth Vullings, The Drawing Board - Elisabeth combines architectural drawing with mixed media painting to create original and detailed works of art.
Ellen Hodgetts, SweetArts StudioEllen is an experimental multi-media artist, mainly working in abstract techniques.

Jordan Harcourt-Hughes -  work is renowned for a vibrant use of colour and is a dialogue about nature, abstract beauty, spiritual experience and pattern making.
Isabel Fernandes-Day - is influenced by nature, its patterns, flora and fauna, especially birds. The sea is also a great influence as is her Portuguese background and growing up in Africa.
Jenny Pritchard - enjoys experimenting with a variety of techniques, with an aim is to celebrate colour, nature and form.
Josh MacKinnon - Josh enjoys experimenting with a wide range of materials over an eclectic range of styles and subjects. He is constantly exploring new ways of creating.
Owie Simpson - Owie’s paintings are inspired by what she sees, hears and encounters. She is interested in dramatic landscapes, concepts of spirituality and belief systems.
Sherelyn Harris, Rustic Repertoire - creates vivid oil paintings that tell compelling stories, and beautiful hanging gardens called succulent walls.
Audrey Moore, Audrey Moore Studio
 - paintings are inspired by patterns in nature, both in shape and colour, in flora, still life and landscape.
Betty Baldwin - Art has been a lifetime hobby, finding much inspiration from photos taken on travels around New Zealand of magnificent scenery.

Diane Vassey - Diane Vassey Art. Bold floral, birdlife, and landscape paintings in mixed media. 
Emily Chippindale - Saturday Artists. A whimsical array of character illustrations, landscape images, and colourful mandalas with paints and digital media.
Julie Davidson - Julie Davidson Fine Art. Self taught, Julie is a photorealist pastel artist, specialising in, but not restricted to, animals. 
Ruth Cooper - Saturday Artists Studio. Moody landscapes painted in acrylic on canvas. 
Shirley Petkau - Kokopelli Art StudioShirley’s dramatic and intriguing abstract paintings pique the imagination. 
Shirley Sutton - SA Sutton Studio and Gallery. Atmospheric paintings capturing the colour, light and essence of the landscape on canvas.
Slim Petkau - Kokopelli Art Studio. Slim’s homey and heart-felt paintings include landscapes, seascapes and still life. 

Jos Smith - an enthusiastic watercolourist and mixed media artist who has had a life-long interest in painting and pursuing my love of creative expression.
Sonia Savage, SAVAGEART - A combination of rich textural paintings. Sonia’s works reflect a distinctive style comprised of collective icons and her own experiences.
Kim Kobialko, Studio Reset - 
 Using the ancient egyptian technique of encaustic painting, to create artworks with a unique dimensional quality and luminous colour for simple and timeless imagery.


Rebecca Bond, Renown Studio - Unique, contemporary, handcrafted jewellery with precious metals and ethically sourced gems. Rebecca is passionate about sustainability and draws her inspiration from nature.
Helen Punton, Gem Division
 Helen crafts one-off pieces organic in style, the work features textured metals and striking gemstones. With a strong focus on sustainable practices, metals and gems are recycled where possible. 
Jaki Marstondesigns and makes copper and polymer clay jewellery.
Sarah Shaw, Organic Design Studiofocuses on hand crafting metals through techniques of fabrication and casting using the principle of "Organic Design" to create one-off original jewelry pieces and sculptures. 
Diane Connal - has been a practicing artist, jeweller/painter since attending Sydney College of the Arts in the 80s. Dianne has a love of found objects that has always run through her work.
Karen McCall, Organic Design Studiocreates works of art from vintage costume jewellery and watches, giving these precious things a second life or new purpose. 

Fibre and Textiles

Emma Hercus, Ivy and Willow - Emma weaves willow baskets and lightshades and grows most of the willow she uses locally. She has been weaving for three years.
Birgit MoffattThe sustainable and holistic approach to creation is a key aspect of my work and the process of making is equally important as the finished work.
Tom Beauchamp - Wood, aggregates and binders of clay and lime are combined with different fibres including straw and harakeke to create representational and abstract work.


Thomas Green Photography, Jailhouse Studio and Garden - Thomas aims to create dramatic photographs. He wants the viewer to look at the photograph and feel what it was like to be there on location. His creative eye has lead him into portraiture and event photography.

Other media

Joe Buchanan, Diatom Press - Where possible, Joe draws from life, then transposes his drawings to lino blocks, cuts with Japanese wood carving tools, and prints using a modified French stencil cutting press. 
Claire Lever
- Vibrant mosaic art created using a variety of mediums including, ceramic tiles, natural resources, and stained glass.
Jane Santos Mosaic Artist  - Fine art by experienced practitioner using porcelain, ceramic, and glass hand-cut tiles.  


ATB Tattoo Studio and Gallery Art- At ATB Tattoo studio, we believe that behind every tattoo should be a great story. And we’d like to be a part of your story.

Ceramics and Pottery

Janet McDonagh, Two Sisters Pottery - Janet enjoys making pottery inspired by the colours of nature and the garden around her. Recently becoming very interested in exploring designs organic and functional in shape.
Sue Wilson, Two Sisters Pottery - The last 12 months Sue has been creating new designs and some larger pieces suitable for outdoor or indoors. and has also been working on a range of domestic serving dishes and plates. 
Frank Light Pottery
- High-fired domestic stoneware pottery in classical glazes.
Jenny Shearer Pottery
- Jenny's work is mainly porcelain in the form of usable vessels such as cups, teapots, jugs, bowls, and vases.
Sarah Pou, Illustration and ArtSarah loves to work with ceramic tiles and has created a unique range of wall art called "light boxes". Her popular range of hand crafted “Kāpiti Coasters” will also be showcased.
Tanya Shearer, Shearer PotteryTanya’s work focuses on hand built domestic table and oven ware using stoneware clay and fired in a gas kiln. Also a range of flat fronted fun vases.
Rebecca Neal Ceramics, Greendale Studio - Rebecca's passion for clay encompasses all aspects, from wheel-throwing domestic ware, to handbuilding garden pieces, and large collectable decorative work. World travels have influenced her forms, to which she applies her colour and texture.
Jennifer Turnbull, Jailhouse Studio and Garden - Jennifer works in a variety of clays, and fires in electric and gas, and wood kilns, and uses a combination of techniques including throwing, altering, slab work and hand building. 
Margaret Hunt - Margaret's pottery is made using a variety of clays, and firing in both gas and electric kilns. Her work is creative and diverse, being both decorative and domestic ware. 
Paula Archibald, Clay Art Ceramics - Paula works with a variety of clays and different techniques to create her one-off pieces. Bright glazed water features, totem poles, garden art, and ceramic marionettes. Figurines both in white clay, colourfully glazed and natural stone clay. Hand-built candle sticks for indoor/outdoor plus much more. 
Rod Graham, Clayworks Ōtaki - works with a variety of clays and techniques making garden art with a sculptural flavour, and particularly interested in colour and surface decoration.
Tom Beauchamp, Natural Build Sustainable SculptureWood, aggregates and binders of clay and lime are combined with different fibres including straw and harakeke to create representational and abstract work.
Brent Craig, Awatea Pottery
- Brent has been creating pottery Art for the past 28 years. He is currently a tutor at the Ōtaki Pottery Club. He creates large stoneware platters/plates, casseroles & jugs of vibrant colours.
Donna ClarkeThe inspiration for my work is the landscape in which I live and the beauty that surrounds me.
Isabel Fernandes-Day -  I work with clay, textiles and like to dabble in organic dyes. My art is influenced by nature, its patterns, flora and fauna, especially birds. 


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