An arty weekend in Raumati

Made up of Raumati Beach, the delightful Raumati Village and the quirky Raumati South, you'll love your weekend break herein Raumati.

Award-winning Painters

They say that the sunsets are different in Raumati. Maybe that is why these incredibly talented, award-winning painters call Raumati home:

Amelia Hadfield
Philip Markham
Pam Mundell
Roger Daniell
David Owen


Rebecca Bond - Award-winning Jeweller

Three-time World of Wearable Arts finalist, Rebecca Bond makes exquisite, original, handcrafted jewellery in silver, gold, and gemstones, reflecting the patterns and forms of nature and a commitment to sustainable living.

Rita Schrieken - Award-winning Sculptor

Working from the Renown Art Studio, Rita creates original Pasifika-inspired sculptures and wall art for the home and garden. With strong contemporary design elements, these unique pieces provide a talking point for any home.

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